Various Models of Wheel Washers in MobyDick

Wheel washer becomes essential in construction sites.  The sites become place where vehicles should be cleaned regularly. Trucks and other vehicles that will leave the construction sites should be cleaned so it will not pollute and make the road dirty. The wheel washer or räderwaschanlage will give easy access when it comes to clean the wheels. In this case, MobyDick provides many kinds of wheel washers. This will become good solutions for the construction industries that need the machines or tools to clean the wheels of vehicles.

Effective Technology of Wheel Washer

One of the main reasons why the wheel washers from MobyDick become good choice is about its technology. It is not just simple wheel washer that will spray the water so later the wheels and lower parts of the vehicles can be cleaned easily. The manufacturer prepare and make its design well to make sure that it is not just to spray the water but it will be able to work effectively by considering the water pressure and power consumption.


Water pressure and power consumption will be important consideration since it is related to the costs in operating the wheel washer. When the wheel washer uses high pressure, it will require higher power consumption. However, when it uses low pressure, it may not be able to clean the wheel well. That is why the engineers design the nozzles and other configuration so the wheel washers still can work in moderate water pressure but it still can spray the water effectively to clean the wheel.

Many Options of Wheel Washers

MobyDick provides many choices of wheel washers. This is going to be useful for any construction companies and industries since there will be different needs regarding the type of the wheel washers. There are different model with various dimension and size. In general, there is the type of stationary models. The models are great for big company or industry that will spend long time in the construction site.

Meanwhile, there is also mobile model. When the stationary model is good for long term since it operates well and it has good sizes to accommodate more vehicles, the mobile models are good choices since it is easy to install and operate. When it is time to move the wheel washer, it will not take much time to disassemble the wheel washers.