Reasons You Should Take Your Car to the Automotive Repair Shop

Here are some Reasons You Should Take Your Car To The Automotive Repair Shop. These reasons include reliability, fuel economy, and Employee treatment. You can also find out about the company’s reputation for quality work. Read on to learn more about these essential factors. We’ve also included some tips on maintaining your car to ensure it stays in top condition.  You can also learn more about auto repair Apopka FL.


According to a new study from RepairPal, the reliability of your car is better than ever. The website analyzes millions of repair orders from more than 2,000 auto repair shops to determine the reliability of any brand. They measure dependability based on the frequency of repairs, the cost, and the severity of repairs. It’s a simple way to see which brands are the most reliable and which ones are not.

The severity component of reliability measures the likelihood of significant issues occurring with your vehicle. The threshold for a severe problem is three times the average annual cost for all model years. For luxury or premium brands, this threshold is higher. After all, those cars tend to cost more than intermediate parts and labor. But these brands also come with a higher price tag. So it’s essential to choose a reputable mechanic.

Fuel economy

There are several fuel economy reasons to take your car to the auto shop, and a few don’t even cost money! A few common causes are dirty air filters, clogged fuel injectors, and under-inflated tires. These factors can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Furthermore, dirty tires and a clogged air filter will also increase exhaust emissions and reduce fuel economy.

Auto Repair

Poor gas mileage is a common problem among older vehicles. If the car has not been appropriately maintained, it is more likely to have significant issues in the future. However, regular maintenance can help you avoid substantial drops in fuel economy, and it will increase your car’s lifespan. 

Ignorance of maintenance

According to AAA, consumers who ignore recommended maintenance cost more than $8,000 annually. Even if the car’s issue is relatively minor, neglecting maintenance can cost thousands of dollars. It’s not uncommon to put off routine care for months, but the higher repair costs can result in a larger car repair bill in the long run. So, why do some people continue to put off routine maintenance and pay thousands of dollars more for repairs?

First, it can be expensive to take your car to a mechanic. Even a good mechanic can charge several hundred dollars to check your vehicle, but this can add up if they have to run diagnostics or experiment with solutions. So, taking your car to another shop is better if you are unsure. Remember, a mechanic can charge you hundreds of dollars for a straightforward service, which might not even be the problem.

Employee treatment

When you hire a mechanic to repair your car, you must ensure that the shop carries workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage helps pay any injured employees’ medical expenses, including physical therapy, diagnostics, and prescriptions. Employees may receive benefits from workers’ compensation after three days of being unable to work. If they cannot work for longer than three days, they may be eligible for permanent disability payments. This coverage is not limited to car repairs, though.

The automotive industry employs approximately 910,000 people, with a median number of six workers. Most automotive businesses use males, although only 9% identify as females. The average age of workers is 43 years old. While only 49% of auto repair shops offer medical insurance for their employees, they are still more generous in providing other benefits, such as paid family leave. Some auto shops also offer RRSP contributions and health benefits.